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NHibernate – beginning of the end?

August 2, 2013

Being a huge fan of NHibernate, I really hope the concerns of this article don’t come to pass.  But I too have noticed what I consider to be a fragmentation in NHibernate’s growth path. Libraries like the amazing and popular Fluent NHibernate in competition with Loquacious Configuration. A multitude of query methods – perhaps too many…? A less than complete Linq to NHibernate implementation. This article talks around doubts surrounding the future of NHibernate, largely due to it’s lack of contributor support.

The State of Entity Framework and NHibernate

Having used Entity Framework 5 for the last while, I am almost impressed. I still loathe the designer and code-first is improving with every release. I think the biggest thing for me is how clean the Linq implementation is. Now, if only they could improve that performance….